Beneath Your Feet: Gumuk Pasir

One of the famous tourist spots in Yogyakarta-Indonesia is Parangtritis beach. Nearby, there are two beaches which are also exotic; Parangkusumo and Depok beach. In between, there is a tourist spot which is very beautiful, named Gumuk Pasir.beneath your feet-gumuk pasir yogyakarta indonesia

Gumuk Pasir is a large sand dune that resembles a hill due to the movement of the wind. This sand dune stretches along 15.7 kilometers from the downstream of Opak river toward Parangtritis beach and 2 kilometers from the coastline, contains fine sand.

It’s amazing to be here. Seeing our footprints on the sand which then disappear with the wind in a few seconds, is an unforgettable experience.. 🙂

p.s. In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Beneath Your Feet.”

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